Legacy Project

Each year's Mobility Cup regatta is a vehicle for initiating new programs or supporting existing ones.

The identified Legacy Project of the RE/MAX 2017 Mobility Cup is the purchase of 2 new lifts to help transfer people in and out of boats more efficiently and safely.

We are grateful to announce that HYBRID ELEVATOR INC., a family run company located right here in Kelowna, have graciously donated the funds to allow the purchase of an electronic lift in time for use during our Regatta. The lift will work off the lift crane that is permanently installed on the dock. This will replace an elderly lift that has been struggling to keep up with the volume we have.

The other lift we have acquired is a manual/hydraulic lift, which has been mounted right onto the dock. This has replaced the older, lighter duty model we had, and brought us up to the industry standard. Funds for this lift were graciously donated by the Central Okanagan Foundation.

The purchase of these specialized lifts will be an invaluable benefit to the Disabled Sailing Association programs moving forward.